Comments about Michael’s Previous Work:

“I worked directly with Michael for several years at the Council on Crime and Justice. Michael is intelligent, direct, highly organized and very efficient in how he goes about his work. He gets things done! You are always a step ahead when you have Michael on your side. He is equally skilled at conceptualizing a new project as he is at making decisions relative to implementation. Michael has had many success stories at the Council; perhaps most notable among them being the Family Strengthening Project for inmates and their families, which has gained national recognition for its excellent design and the strength of its implementation protocol.”

Thomas L. Johnson, Former President, Council on Crime and Justice
Former Hennepin County Attorney
“Michael offered a “hands-on” approach, which involved all participants in the process of formulating our mission and philosophy statements.   Participants included students ages 5-15, teachers and staff members, parents and parish community members.  This approach was inclusive, smooth in accomplishing the task at hand, and  effective in getting a great end result.  All involved in the process felt that their voices were heard.”

Rebecca Gustafson, Principal, St. Stephen’s Catholic School

“I have had the opportunity to co-teach with Michael in a number of settings and to observe his training as well. Michael is a gifted teacher and trainer – comfortable and competent but not cocky, knowledgeable and articulate but elicitive and respectful. He brings great creativity, commitment and integrity to his teaching and leadership.”

Howard Zehr, Conflict Transformation Program, Eastern Mennonite University, Professor and Co-director
Author, Changing Lenses: A New Focus for Crime and Justice
I feel confident recommending Michael’s facilitation services to anyone. Under Michael’s leadership and guidance, our multi-agency study group was able to clearly define and set goals and timelines and keep our discussions focused. This was the most efficient work group in which I’ve participated, and I continue to be amazed at what we accomplished in just 6 months. Without having prior knowledge or experience in our field, Michael’s insights were very astute and he produced a well-organized, clear final report. It was indeed a pleasure working with him.”

Pat Ronken, Dakota County Victim/Witness Program, commenting about the “Meeting Victims’ Needs Post-Conviction Study Group,” which Michael coordinated.

About a literature scan done as part of an evaluation for a foundation:
“Not only did Michael go out and find the literature — over 40 books, reports, and articles — but he did a phenomenal job of synthesizing important themes from that substantial bulk of information. Often, literature review reports are fragmentary and don’t hang together; the researcher is overwhelmed by all the information, all the different points of views and arguments. Michael’s literature review for us was remarkable in how he was able to distill from all that literature a report with a clear narrative line. Michael’s report featured voices from the literature appropriately and generously, and his authorial voice wove them together gracefully and articulately. His innovative inclusion of “Implications for Hazen,” inserted as sidebar text boxes, was extremely effective for helping this audience focus on the primary purpose of the literature review, as well. And he accomplished all of this on time, at modest cost, with a minimal amount of guidance. I was thoroughly pleased with the job Michael did.”

David Scheie, Rainbow Research, Senior Project Associate

Michael, we asked you to do the impossible: guide us through a process that is open ended, bringing many voices to the center to project the direction for a bright future for this school. Help us sort down dozens of ideas, dreams, proposals in a short period of time after hearing from knowledgeable presenters and panelists each bringing their expertise and passion into the discernment process. You immersed yourself in learning who we are and what we care about before you arrived on our campus and then worked skillfully with our committee to keep the process moving well. Many Thanks!

Rich Sidwell, Head of School, Olney Friends School

“I have enjoyed Michael’s wit, wisdom, and clarity. I get clarity, and so do the groups we work with.”

John Ackerman, Process designer for spiritual practices that facilitate change in churches.

“Over the past two years, Michael’s involvement has been invaluable in helping lead the FATHER Project’s strategic planning process. His follow through, organizational skills, and strong understanding of our mission have helped us effectively implement that strategic plan. Michael’s ability to engage a diverse group of public and private partners through a collaborative value-driven process, and his ability to convert ideas into attainable action steps, is evidence of his unique skill set. Michael’s understanding of different ways to utilize technology has helped the FATHER Project develop innovative and impactful ways to tell our story and inform stakeholders.”

– Andrew Freeberg, Director of Quality and Evaluation, Goodwill/Easter Seals Minnesota

“Michael worked with our congregational council, visioning team, and the entire congregation over the course of several months. He provided sound insight, ongoing support, and compassionate leadership throughout the whole process. In addition, he wisely challenged us when we needed it thereby moving us to greater understanding of ourselves and our mission.

– Pastor Justin Lind-Ayres, Bethany Lutheran Church

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