List of possible results: “What is the spiritual character of your organization?”

This is a list of all the possible results from the quiz, “What is the spiritual character of your organization?”

The San Juan Islands

Your organization/island appears peaceful and idyllic, but sometimes only rich people with boats can get there. People in your organization are driven by a sense of shared purpose and peace. You are on an island, though, making it hard for people from the mainland to get to you. Your organization is exceptionally blessed with a bounty of spiritual resources. Are you being faithful to calls to share these resources? Are you also able to acknowledge the shadows that come with these gifts?


Your organization is unpredictable and kind of crazy. Sometimes the spirit of the organization thrives in drama. Sometimes the trauma wears everyone out. Is there a purpose and set of values that underlies that many changes in your organization? Are there ways you could cultivate and highlight this foundation?


Your organization is dry, hot, and quirky. It might look beautiful from a distance, but when you get closer, you realize that people are starving from a lack of water and community. Maybe the natural beauty of the place will eventually bring its people back to life. Criminals have been known to go hide out in the Badlands. Be careful. Is it best to work for the redemption of the organization, leave it, or help the organization have a good death?

Mt. Rainer

Your organization is a large, sacred symbol. It is sometimes seen as arrogant and out of touch with reality. At other times, it genuinely inspires. Any mountain that large casts a long shadow. Are there times when your organization needs to humble itself and let others shine?

Corn Palace

Your organization is a little tacky, but popular and enjoyable. As a group, you like to play it safe, and continue to market the same features the organization has always had. The corn on the outside may change each year, but the nothing in the structure ever seems to change. Are there creative risks that your organization is called to take, which might take the organization to the next level?


What other images and descriptions would you add to describe the different spiritual characteristics of organizations? Please post your comments here.

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