Minnesota Presencing Community: Harvest Basket

About 130 people participated in the Minnesota Presencing Forum on October 24, 2011. The goal of the forum was to strengthen the Minnesota hub of people practicing awareness-based collective change methods in pioneering a more sustainable, inclusive, and aware society. The following images, reflections, and themes came out of the forum and follow-up gatherings.

Videos of spoken word and movement artists doing vignettes about the stages of the Presencing process

A visual depiction: “If the Minnesota Presencing Forum were a living being, what would it look like and feel like? If that being could talk, what would it say (to us)?”

A mind map of resources and assets for awareness-based collective change in Minnesota (in development).

Photos from the forum

Descriptions of the forum from Patty Tanji and Julie Delene

Questions from participants that arose out of the forum (grouped in categories)

Themes from the affinity groups at the forum

To find out more information about the Minnesota Presencing Community, contact Michael Bischoff at michael@clarityfacilitation.com. We invite you to join this emerging community of practice!

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Stories of Presencing in Minnesota from Patrick Moore
At the November 2011 Presencing Gathering, Patrick Moore shared stories of using Presencing as a change agent/facilitator/entreprenuer in the Upper Minnesota river watershed. The video below is an excerpt from his presentation.

January Prototyping

At the January 2012 Presencing Gathering, about 110 people dove into prototyping, to further community solutions in 14 projects in Minnesota that are building more just, sustainable, and inclusive societies. The following video, photos, and word collage offer some glimpses into those activities.

March Presencing Gathering

Click here for videos, photos, and reports from this gathering, where we listened together for what was emerging among us that could further sustainable, inclusive, and aware communities in Minnesota.

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