Harvest Basket: March Presencing Gathering

About 75 of us gathered on March 1, 2012 at the Minnesota Presencing Gathering to listen for what was emerging among us, guided by the following two questions:

  • How might we advance awareness-based collective action toward a more sustainable, inclusive, and aware communities?
  • What are the issues, ideas, and opportunities for the future that is wanting to emerge in our region?

This was the fourth in a series of Minnesota Presencing Gatherings. To see information about previous and future gatherings, click here. You can find photos from the March 1 gathering on the Minnesota Presencing Community Facebook page.

Reports from the conversations on March 1:

Question and notes from the conversation Video of report back
1. What practices and tools for change that exist now are compatible with Theory U/Presencing?
2. How do corporations become catalysts for social innovation? How do we raise consciousness within corporations make them more aware and inclusive communities?
3. What are we missing in serving youth fleeing domestic violence and homelessness?
4. How can we engage in the political process and build bridges among and between our diversity?
5. How to better collaborate with wisdom from East, West, and Indigenous communities?
6. How can we as artists advance awareness-based collective action toward more sustainable, inclusive, and aware communities?
7. What economic models exist today around the world that are sustainable, inclusive and aware?
8. Updating money to create an aware, inclusive, just, and sustainable human culture on this planet.
9. How do we be present with the vulnerability people experience in the U process?
10. Integration and achievement gap. How do we as citizens consider these phrases in the 21st century?
11. How can we inspire and engage everyone in living and bringing about sustainability on a personal, organizational level?
12. Transformational Leadership–what is it? What conditions and qualities are crucial? What is the potential for creating a world that works for all?

Harvest at the end of March 1 gathering: What are you taking away (in 7 words or less)?

Prototyping Updates: At the January 17 Presencing gathering, several groups served as live case studies, as people at the gathering helped them create prototypes, or new things to try in their projects. Here are updates from some of the projects that we worked with at the January gathering:

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