Essays and Reports

Reports from Consulting Projects:

FATHER Project Site Development Manual. I set-up this online manual for the FATHER Project, as a resource for the expansion and replication of their program for low-income fathers.

Minneapolis Police/Community Conflict. In a Conflict Resolution class at the University of St. Thomas, I co-taught a case-study about police/community conflict in Minneapolis.  A group of students in that class wrote a detailed paper about the topic.

Meeting Victims’ Needs Post-Conviction: I coordinated a study group that wrote this report about how agencies in Minnesota could more fully address the needs of crime victims.


Photo Projects

North Minneapolis Places We Love: This is a photo project from an inner-city neighborhood where I used to live.

Friends in El Salvador: Photos and notes from a trip I took to El Salvador as a representative of Northern Yearly Meeting. (added 1/11/02)

Northern Ireland: Photos and notes from a trip to Ireland and Northern Ireland. (added 1/11/02)

Writing about Social Change

Releasing the Core Gift of Quakerism, An article envisioning the future of Quakerism for Spark, a publication of New York Yearly Meeting. 2011.

Living In Truth: Active Nonviolence: This is a talk that I gave at St. Joan of Arc church in Feb. 2004 (12 minutes long, a mp3 audio file).

An interview project with people who work with conflict about the spiritual foundation of their work.  Nifty photomontages too. (added 11/28/00)

Friends for Non-Violent Diversity: A Case Study of One Peace and Justice Organization’s Efforts to Become More Multicultural: In this paper, I look at how the organization I used to work for, Friends for a Non-Violent World, approaches diversity, multiculturalism, and oppression. (added 8/11/01)

How Restorative is AVP?  Evaluating the Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) According to a Restorative Justice Yardstick: Thinking through what the Alternatives to Violence Project (an experiential conflict transformation training program often done in prisons) would look like if it took the principles of Restorative Justice (offender accountability, repairing harm that has been done, etc..) seriously.  (added 4/16/01)

How I Believe Change Happens: Noncooperation With Evil Systems, Cooperation with God. This is an essay based on my experience helping with trainings for protestors in Cincinnati, Nov. 2000.  I talk about how I believe social change happens, drawing from my experiences in Cincinnati and from George Lakey’s writing.(added 12/7/00)

Standing Still: The Arrest
Resistance is the Secret of Joy: The Trial These two essays are based upon my experience with civil disobedience and the trail that followed.  I was protesting the production of landmines.

Other Writing

The End of Philosophy and the Rise of Film: This is a philosophy paper that uses Martin Heidegger’s writing to talk about the end of traditional philosophy and uses Wim Wender’s films to talk about how movies are replacing some of the purposes of written philosophy. (Written in 1993)


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