Videos about spirituality and organizations

In 2008 and 2009, I conducted video interviews about how spiritual principles and practices can inform organizational leadership and life. Here are video clips from those interviews, arranged by themes:

Thinking humbly, boldly, and long-term about shifts in organizations

Kay Pranis: This shift is so big… in all of our institutions
Roland Sullivan: A challenge to YOU to stay in step with the pace of change in the world

Seeing organizations as living systems
Monica Manning: We don’t think about institutions; we think about ourselves as individuals
Monica Manning: It is easy to feel the institutions aren’t that important, even though we take advantage of them all the time

Recognizing the invisible dimensions of organizations

Sondra Samuels: The battle we are fighting is not one the eyes can see
Al Quie: The realities of the invisible and learning the language of the invisible

Discernment of the current reality and of the future that is seeking to emerge

Lissa Jones: Do I really make the just and right decision, or do I do what the world calls me to do that might cover myself better?
Roland Sullivan: Spirit is truth / I try to get organizations to find their truth in a safe way
Al Quie: Listening to God is like deciphering a bad accent

Ways of opening to the sacred

Marnita Schroedl: The deeply personal is sacred space
Sondra Samuels: Everyone wants meaning; tapping into the God in people

Working with power in ways that let the sacred emerge

Greg Boyd: Power over and power under / Always understand that ‘the Powers’ are trying to play you.
Al Quie: Moving towards those who don’t have power. God wants us to pay attention to those we neglect.

Working with the shadows and underbellies of organizations
Lissa Jones: A searching and fearless inventory
Monica Manning: If people can find what is good in the organization, they are better able to enter into exploring its darkness
Al Quie: Most organizations are fearful of sharing what went wrong

Personal and collective demons that we must face
Lissa Jones: “The greatest weapon of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed”
Marnita Schroedl: Almost everyone feels like they have their face up to the glass and aren’t having an authentic experience

Personal spiritual grounding in the workplace
Roland Sullivan: Competencies of a change agent: Being, Skill, Knowledge
Lissa Jones: Avoiding despondency and burnout
Roland Sullivan: The value of self-transformation

Cultivating and transforming the spirit of an organization

Diana Whitney: Appreciative Inquiry and Whole Systems Healing
Lissa Jones: Cultivating the spirit of an organizations / Welcome to the first day of your liberation
Al Quie: Leaders set the tone for organizations
Trinidad: Transforming institutions through humor and generosity.

Prayer in and for organizations
Al Quie: Praying with Congressmen and the President

Assessing the spiritual formation of organizations

Monica Manning: “You can measure the worth of an organization by the number of lies you have to tell to belong to it.”
Marnita Schroedl: If we try to measure it, it changes the outcome

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