Steering Committee

The Steering Committee consists of representatives from each Collaborative Partner, as well as some additional organizations invested in the field of fatherhood programming in Minnesota. The steering committee contributes to the overall goals of the individual partnerships and helps identify what each organization hopes to accomplish in their partnership with the FATHER Project. In this way, the Steering Committee contributes to the overall goals of the project, provides guidance, direction, and expertise to the project, and assists with strategic planning. In addition, the Steering Committee partners assist with promotion and marketing of the project, refer participants, represent local communities and populations to the project, and contribute to the overall vision of the future of the FATHER Project.

Overall, the structure of the committee has been critical in its face to face collaborations, requiring a high level of engagement from partners. The function has ebbed and flowed in regards to different needs of the project at different times. Prior to the initial demonstration period, the steering committee acted as a planning committee, developing the roots of the FATHER project. When the demonstration period was underway, it functioned more as a steering committee through grant implementation activities. Between 2004 and 2006, while services were scaled back following the demonstration period, it functioned as an advisory committee, focusing on visibility and sustainability of the project, as well as guiding efforts towards receiving federal funding. In Phase III of the project under the Responsible Fatherhood grant, the steering committee is focused on strategic planning, solidifying the mission and vision of the project and identifying outcomes to prepare for the future. The Steering Committee meetings are currently facilitated by staff from the Minnesota Fathers and Families Networking, with logistical support from the FATHER Project Program Manager.