From Gandhi to Serbia: Passion and Power in Nonviolent Revolutions


Compleat Scholar Course Syllabus, Fall 2005

Instructor: Michael Bischoff, 612-521-1889,


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Course Goals:

  1. Learn about examples of leadership in previous nonviolent people’s movements
  2. View your own leadership for social change through the perspectives of these examples
  3. Analyze and imagine the future of nonviolent movements and their leadership
  4. Have fun


October 20

Overview of the course & Gandhi’s leadership


Suggested Readings:

Notes from class


October 27

Serbia’s Revolution in 2000 and Characteristics of Otpor’s Leadership


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Notes from class

November 3
Recent “Color Revolutions” in Georgia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon


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Notes from class

Nov. 10

Looking Ahead to the Future of Nonviolent Movements and Leadership



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